Software Development
Data Engineering

Alex Merced loves to write code.

Animated Alex Merced at a Whiteboard

Alex Merced is passionate about technology and loves working with different programming languages to solve different problems. Let’s discuss some his work.


Alex Merced has enjoyed developing libraries for the Javascript and Python ecosystem of all types including creating an in-memory document database called SencilloDB.

Web Development

Alex has worked with agencies like Crossfield digital working with GraphQL, Next and more. Alex has spent a lot of time creating different personal projects and educational projects to train other developers including a podcast on web development.

Data Engineering

Alex, as a developer advocate for Dremio is very familiar with the world of data engineering working with technologies like Dremio, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and more to create prototype data pipelines and data lakehouses. Here is a selection of blogs Alex has written on the topic.